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Chengdu YoungShe Chemical Co.,Ltd(成都云希化工有限公司)is a dynamic and progressive cosmetic peptides supplier in China. We are dedicating to be a professional, efficient,and reliable partner for global customers on cosmetic peptides. You can select more than 170 kinds of raw cosmetic peptide ingredients here.And we are keeping developing new products and continuously marketing them for sale.Youngshe Chem provide a one-stop service for raw cosmetic peptide ingredients.You will save lots of time ,energy, money and have a very pleasant experience with us.Since Dec,2014,YoungShe group has expanded their business to botanical cosmetic active ingredients and related. 成都
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  • 重组人酸性成纤维细胞生长因子(rh-aFGF)

    1、能促进细胞增殖、生长、分化,促进创伤愈合与组织修复,改善细胞生活微环境 2、可促进成纤维细胞合成和分泌胶原蛋白,促进弹性纤维合成和分泌,促进细胞间基质的增加,从而细化皱纹; 3、改善皮肤微循环; 4、有效清除一些代谢障碍的细胞,抵制暗黑斑、黄褐斑形成。
  • 重组人碱性成纤维细胞生长因子(rh-bFGF)


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